Ring a Day Challenge: Day 34

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I had this idea in my head for a while and just waited until the last minute to execute it. This ring was done as a birthday present for my friend to celebrate the birth of her baby just a couple days later.
Daddy (Spessarite Garnet- his favorite color is orange), Mummy (Garnet -All about mothers love) and Baby (a tiny Chocolate Diamond) sit in silver bezels, grouped around this freeform shaped cast ring.
1. RAD34-365_3, 2. RAD34-365_1, Family Ring, 3. RAD34-365_2, Family Ring, 4. RAD34-365_4, Family Ring

Ring a Day Challenge: Day 32 & 33

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My two dogs had to stand in as stunt doubles for this Ring A Day submission. First my dog Lena, cutest hand adornment ever and next day was Pele's big moment to become famous.

1. RAD32-365 Lena Doggy Ring, 2. RAD33-365 Pele Doggy Ring

Ring a Day Challenge: All Submissions for January 2010

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Here is a shot of all my rings I created during January for the Ring A Day Challenge.
Some are new designs or custom rings that were ordered, some more just for fun made from found objects. Some rings took days to finish and others probably took a minute to make.

1. RAD 03/11 Aquamarine Tetra, 2. RAD 04/365 Matches and Rubber ring, 3. RAD 05/365 Acrylic double finger ring, 4. RAD 06/365, 5. RAD 07/2010 texture with pearl, 6. RAD 08/365, 7. RAD 09/365, 8. RAD 10/365 flush sapphire ring, 9. RAD 11/365 Nestheakchen Ring, 10. RAD 12/365 air plant ring, 11. RAD 13/365 lost head alien ring, 12. RAD 14/365 flush set CZ wax model, 13. RAD15/365 floss ring, 14. RAD16/365 Tetra Ring, 15. Algae Pond Ring , RAD 17/365 DSC_4209, 16. RAD18-pearl5, 17. RAD19-365 Flower Ring, 18. RAD20-DSC_4509, 19. RAD21-1, 20. RAD22, 21. DSC_4637, 22. RAD24-365_2, 23. RAD25-365_1, 24. RAD26-365_1, 25. RAD27/365 DSC_4710_2, 26. RAD28-365, 27. RAD29-365, 28. RAD30-365-1, 29. RAD31-365-1, 30. RAD30-31-2

Ring a Day Challenge: Day 30 & 31

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I am still adding more rings to my stacking ring series. This time I used faceted natural Gitrine and Garnet gems.

Ring a Day Challenge: Day 28 & 29

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Here some fun concepts for everyday rings.
The first uses a small LED flash light on a rubber band. This one comes in very handy when trying to find the key hole in my front door at night.

My Ring A Day submission for January 28th uses stuff I found in the kitchen drawer. I don't know what this white plastic piece was ever used for but it for sure makes an interesting sculpture.

A Lovely Day in my Studio

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After it rained last night, the sky cleared up again and it's another beautiful day in California. I am so looking forward to spending a lovely day in my studio working on some new ring designs.
I am so glad that I finally have space in my house to be able to work whenever I find a free minute and to have my dogs to keep me company. 

Ring a Day Challenge: Day 27

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I made models for custom wedding rings. These rings are from the flow line. Hers will have a 3mm ruby flush set and the contours will be very organic and wavy. His ring will have the sides straight only showing the flow texture on the outer ring surface. I gave the couple 2 ring sets to choose their favorite. They selected the designs close to the finger tips. Will update images of the finished pieces.

Ring a Day Challenge: Day 26

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Final ring of this set was finished next day on January 26th and has a natural Aquamarine cabochon handset on this heavy bezel. This one shows all 3 rings of this stacking ring set together. Of Course rings can be combined with other stacking rings like my pearl rings.

Ring a Day Challenge: Day 25

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Next day I continued the stacking ring series with a blood red smooth Garnet gem stone.

1. Side, 2. Worn, 3. With Citrine ring, 4. Standing

Ring a Day Challenge: Day 24

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I started to work on stacking ring series. The first one, finished on January 24th, has a faceted 7mm bullet shaped natural Citrine gem stone.

1. Front, 2. Side, 3. Standing, 4. Worn

Ring a Day challenge: Day 23

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I am a bit behind with posting images of the rings I created so far in this challenge. This ring, finished on Saturday, is a variation of my Blue Glacier ring. This time I set blood red garnet bullets in to the two headed creature. It reminds me of dragon eyes from fairy tale stories and therefor the working title for now is Red Dragon Eye ring.

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