Bound Magazine Arrived

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This week the paper copy of Bound Magazine finally arrived from Australia.

It is so much better to see the page in the the real print than just the PDF.

And yes, my bench is pretty messy right now. I am working on way to many rings at the moment and really need a spring cleaning.

See also this posting for more info:

Need Some Sunshine?

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These last couple days the weather in Los Angeles was strange. It's cloudy, overcast and even some drizzle. Getting up in the morning was really hard. So I decided to bring a bit of my own sunshine into my day. I used  the first ring that I designed for the Alien line for my sunshine experiment. It's a ring called Lemon Babies.

It has two yellow faceted Citrine stones of different size sitting really high in these organic shaped sterling silver settings. I had this ring for a while. It got a lot of attention at shows and ton's of hearts on Etsy. But so far it hasn't found a new home yet. So I decided to give it a make-over and plate the sterling silver in 18kt gold.

The gold now makes it almost glowing like the sun on a clear summer day. It's a sparkling golden sculpture. Whenever i look at it I feel I need to put some sunglasses on. Well, almost ;-))

Get your own carry-on sunshine!
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