My dog ate my home work! Really!

I was working tonight on a wedding ring design. This will be the wedding ring to fit my first CAD CAM ring created last year.

The wedding ring will fit snug in the waves of the engagement ring. It will have five 3mm Sapphires mounted flush on the eternity band. This way it does not overpower the marquise shaped blue sapphire in the engagement ring. Here a quick sketch. I know I am not good at hand sketching. I worked for too long in CAD as an Architect.  When I create jewelry, I just start modeling without ever sketching the idea before. It's just more fun this way.  
Anyways, to communicate with the customer I had at least to give it a try. 

The challenge was now to replicate the waves of the engagement ring without using CAD. I needed to figure out how to model this ring by hand and still provide a perfect fit. I used a copy of the engagement ring as a mold, wrapped tape around and poured hot wax over it. Then I separated it and had basically half of the wedding ring. I cleaned it up a bit and mixed some silicone mold compound to make a second half. I left the mold with half of the wax ring on the kitchen counter to dry. Half an hour later I checked and it was gone. I found a piece of wax in my dogs Lena's mouth. Still haven't found the silicone mold. I might see it tomorrow on our morning walk:) 

Gosh, why are dogs so destructive. This gets dangerous once she starts to develop a sweet tooth for wax models.
I guess tomorrow night I am trying the same procedure again. This time I will put the model high up where she can't reach it. Will write an update when the ring is finished. Stay tuned.

BTW: Lena is really cute and I can never be mad at her for long. And since I have two dogs there is always a change that the other one was the destroyer. I can never be sure.

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