Feature in a magazine


Monday night I finally got the long awaited email from the Fashion Editor of Avalon Media - Publisher of Australian LOTL and BOUND Magazine letting me know that I was featured in their last issue of BOUND. A little dance around the dining table followed right after that ;-D. I was so happy to see a whole page dedicated to my jewelry.

They had contacted me back in January via Etsy and requested some high resolution photos of some of my rings. It took a while to finally get them published and I am so happy to see how it turned out. Can't wait to get my hands on an actual copy of the magazine. Apparently it's already in the mail.

"BOUND Magazine is the world's first international magazine for gay women and women with a connection to the gay community available through all news agencies from 12th Nov 09 for $7.95. The premium publication will be an innovative lifestyle monthly with content drawn from around the globe. With the tag line "Different culture, same lifestyle", BOUND will target the discerning female reader who has broad horizons regarding lifestyle, health, fashion, travel and culture. Inspired by the success of Sex and the City and The L Word, BOUND acknowledges and aims to please the growing sophistication of media-savvy women."
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