Need Some Sunshine?

These last couple days the weather in Los Angeles was strange. It's cloudy, overcast and even some drizzle. Getting up in the morning was really hard. So I decided to bring a bit of my own sunshine into my day. I used  the first ring that I designed for the Alien line for my sunshine experiment. It's a ring called Lemon Babies.

It has two yellow faceted Citrine stones of different size sitting really high in these organic shaped sterling silver settings. I had this ring for a while. It got a lot of attention at shows and ton's of hearts on Etsy. But so far it hasn't found a new home yet. So I decided to give it a make-over and plate the sterling silver in 18kt gold.

The gold now makes it almost glowing like the sun on a clear summer day. It's a sparkling golden sculpture. Whenever i look at it I feel I need to put some sunglasses on. Well, almost ;-))

Get your own carry-on sunshine!
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