Ring a Day challenge: Days 21 and 22

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Thursday I had no time at all. Worked all day in the office and then it was movie night. Quick solution was found in that kitchen drawer again: a bag with 5 button pins. Pinned to the key ring I already used on the flower ring. The ring was made very quickly.

Since this worked so well I just used another button for Friday's submission.

Day 20 (Wednesday) Ring a Day update

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Wednesday night I had some time after work to finish up this gorgeous rock ring. Five prongs hold this beautiful large oval rutilated quartz in place.

Ring a Day challenge: Days 18 and 19

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The week started and I still wanted to continue with my Ring a Day challenge. Luckily I had prepared this pearl ring already over the weekend and only needed to finish it up on Monday. More photos are here.

On Tuesday I did not had much time. I found a steel key ring in a kitchen drawer and a flower from one of my succulents in my garden. Wit that this organic ring only took a minute to make.

Ring a Day challenge: Days 16 and 17

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Before the new weekend starts I should update my ring designs I finished last weekend. The weekend was actually pretty productive, with 2 rings finished and a couple rings will just need some additional finishing touches during the week. 

Saturday I finished a ring for a customer. This is the Tetra design with a beautiful honey colored Citrine trillion gem stone set up-side down. The shape of the band imitates the shape of the triangular stone.
Flickr image

Then on Sunday afternoon I got my hands on this enormous ring. It's a Sterling silver ring with giant Lodolite Quartz gem stone. The stone reminds me of algae saturated water, hence the name: Algae Pond Ring.  Finger like prongs embrace this amazing stone. Flickr image

All my Ring a Day submissions can be seen here.

Sick day for Ring A Day

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Friday I was sick. No time or drive to even think about creating a ring. But I found a object that could be used as a ring: The Flossy Ring.

Blog goes online

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I will probably change the layout a couple time again but for now this blog is good enough to go online.

Extra Humor for the RAD challenge

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I really loved the the little extra challenge for two of the submissions for the Ring a Day project.

Ring a Day challenge: the first 2 weeks

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Yesterday I finally had some time to take pictures of those rings I made during the last 2 weeks of the ring a day challenge. I actually stated the challenge on day 3 thats why there are only 12 ring designs instead of 14. some are real designs, some are concepts and some are just for fun. All my ring submission can be seen here.

Please also check out the submissions by other jewelers from around the world will be posting a ring a day on Flickr!

just started

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how exiting. I created my first blog.

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