RAW 01/52 FOLD Ring

My first RAW (Ring A Week) ring is finally modeled and ready to be 3D printed. I used my inspiration images posted a couple days ago for the FOLD theme. For the first ring I kept it simple since I am still struggling to figure out how to model things  with this software. The simple bands outer face has a smooth folding surface that resembles something close to flowing fabric folds.

I modeled it using T-splines plug to get the smooth folds. Lines were laid out flat over a surface to create creases.  Peaks and valleys could be adjusted by moving surface points. After that I used the command "flow along surface" to wrap it around the inner tube.

side view

Top View

 I uploaded it to Shapeways for 3d printing in stainless steel. But there is a minimum order amount and  I will wait 1 to 2 weeks to have a couple more rings modeled before I order them. I also still want to inscribe  my name and the RAW ring number into the inside of the ring. Since this is stainless steel I don't think I can use my normal steel stamps to put my makers mark in them.
So I guess I will play around a bit more this coming week.

Got printed ABS models back from Ponoko and did some test castings. Love the texture of the 3D printing lines. The inside  was polished and the outside  was left with printing texture.

RAW52/16 cast2



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