Etsymetal Blog Carnival - Non-Metal Creativity

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February Topic: Non-Metal/Jewelry Creativity
Tell us about other kinds of art and craft you do. What other media do you work and play with? How often do you get to create? Does it relate to or inspire your metalworking?

Between my day job as an architect and making jewelry at night and on weekends, I don't find much time to do other creative endeavors. However, if I see creativity a bit broader and define it as the way to create or make things, the picture changes a bit. Even simple daily tasks like cooking are creative, making something new from a few simple ingredients into a delicious dinner is for me just a form of art.

A video that really sums it up perfectly is this TED Talk by Dale Dougherty. The world around is is made by us, it is our creativity that shapes our surroundings.

I love to make things. Thats why I find jewelry so intriguing. The joy of dreaming about a shape and then translating it with our own hands into a physical piece of art is just addictive.  I also enjoy building things around my house. I always have a few projects going on but never enough time to complete them. Last year I designed and built a new fence around my house and designed all the landscape areas.

I guess I could say that my day job is somewhat creative work being an architect and it definitely inspires my jewelry designs. But one thing I never get from just designing and drafting the spaces is the part of being actually involved in the making part. I am on construction sites all the time, but I am just watching other people built  it. I do love to get my hands dirty, but can't do that when working with contractors. To many liability issues. I would be probably better off having a design-built firm where virtual and physical creations are in all in one hand (or still requires a few more hands).

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