RAW 03, 04 and 05/52 Rings

I am so behind already in my RAW challenge and that only after  a few weeks since it started. I haven't found much time to play around with 3d modeling lately. January an February were pretty busy (which is a good thing). I struggled keeping up with orders and all those "millions" of rings I cast with my new casting setup. So much fun to do the casting again. But as a result I have a stack of raw cast rings on my bench that need to be filed, polished and stones set. Unfortunately my challenge for RAW is about learning the software and therefor I can't use those cast rings as my RAW entries.

I did play around with some simple anticlastic strip shapes in Rhino. Originally those were just options with some deformations for the same idea and should be counted as only one weeks challenge entry. But I decided now to count each option as a ring and get up on my schedule again. The deformed shaped originated from the simple strip on the left. I just moved pointed around to widen certain parts and give them a more dynamic feel.

Overall I still struggle alot with getting a feel for the software. It just does not feel as natural to me as modeling wax by hand feels. But I hope over time I get more used to it and really develop new possibilities for my ring designs by using 3d software.
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