Wedding Ring Prototypes

Wedding season is here and I am starting to get request from customers for wedding ring designs. I will  give it a priority over the next few weeks to come up with a couple option and new designs.

Here the first prototypes playing with a couple different textures that I made yesterday in wax. They are being cast right now.

1. Sponge Rings, 2. Dimple Rings, 3. Saw Cut Rings, 4. Chiseled Rings

The Sponge and Dimpled rings use textures I already made for other rings. Here I am using those same texture techniques to create narrower and less heavy rings suitable for everyday wear as a wedding ring.
The Saw Cut rings and Chiseled rings use new techniques that I am curious to see how they look in metal.
I will also concentrate my RAW designs on making wedding rings for the next few weeks. I hope by May I have a few wedding rings listed in my shop. I will offer them in silver, white and yellow gold options and in Palladium. Stay tuned.

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