New Business cards just arrived before the show starts


I just got my new business cards and beautiful glossy post cards from MOO. They look great. 

I am so happy I used Moo this time for the post cards. I used to just print a couple cards on glossy photo paper. It looks so much more professional with the type on the back. The overall feel of the cards stock is great. I also did a couple of business cards in standard format and mini cards.
What I love with Moo is that you can upload up to 100 images, so you can have a different image on every business cards. It works so well at shows to have images of my rings printed on these business cards. People always take a bunch of them with different ring designs. This way they actually remember my designs even after going through a show of 300 vendors. It represents the body of work way better than a typical type face based card design. I am curious to see how many of these cards I have left after this weekend's show.

I am so prepared for the UniqueLA show this weekend. Just need to polish up a couple more rings so they look at their best. Tomorrow is setup time and then on Saturday at 11 am the show starts. Hope this one will be a great one.

I also finished a couple rings over the weekend. I set stones in the new Flow line rings. I really like the one with a tiny blue diamond. The blue sparkle and the silver go great together. I also finished a couple rings with those awesome colored peacock pearls. The large one in the textured ring looks really great. The orange ring has a tumbled carnelian in a low bezel setting and the ring in the front has a great Lodolite quartz stone in those 6 prongs.

Let's see if they will find a new loving owner in the next days.
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