Botanicals - Palm Twigs

Every time I walk my dogs though the neighborhood, I am looking out for some new botanical finds. Best treasures are found after a windy night. Under one of those tall palm trees that are so commonly found along LA's side streets (don't ask me what kind they are) I found some twigs that looked perfect for my next botanical ring experiment.

I cut about 6cm lenghts from a couple twigs and cast it directly in Sterling Silver without making a mold first. The straight sections came out nice.  Then I bent it in a forming block into a ring shape and soldered the ends. Somehow the texture changed a bit when forming them round. When forming straight sections into curved pieces  the outer surface stretches a bit while the inside face of a ring gets a bit contracted. 
Still overall the texture with all those little nods is pretty interesting. I could imagine setting little stones in those nods. I have a couple tiny green diamonds that could complement great the nature feel of these rings.

Palm twigs
Beautiful image by Dick D'Agostino of palm twigs. Mine where just not as bleached from the sun and sea yet.

I found a shorter palm with a bundle of those twiggy things in another part of my neighborhood. 
Not sure if those "twigs" are technically twigs or rather  flower stems. 

Here a story about palm tees in Los Angeles and a picture of the one in my neighborhood.  What kind is that one?
The palm I found my twigs under.

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