Summer Treat: Watermelon

Happy 4th of July weekend! When I think of summer treats, watermelon comes to my mind. Nothing refreshes better on a hot day than those juicy and sweet tasty slices of fruit.

And the color combo of green and pink is just delightful. No wonder that watermelon tourmalines are my new favorite eye candy. I recently got a bunch of rose cut tourmalines in beautiful shades of green and pink. 

Tourmaline is a gemstone that sometimes contains more than one color. Watermelon Tourmaline is a unusual and rare variety of tourmaline. The coloring resembles the pink flesh and green rind of a watermelon. They are frequently sold as slices with the pink in the center and green shade all around. The colors occur naturally in tourmalines and gems are not treated. The rose cut stone I got are mostly bi-color stones in different shapes and sizes. 

Here a couple more tourmalines.

I set one of those rose cut tourmalines in a 14karat gold bezel on a sterling silver freeform shaped ring.

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