RAW52 #9 to #13 & #17- Elliptical Loft Rings

I am cheating a bit with my RAW submissions by using slight variations of the same design for multiple weekly entries. After all the final outcome is still multiple "different" rings. Small lies sometime help to stay in the game. If I would feel like being more than 10 weeks behind, I would probably just give up on this challenge. I am basically just cheating my brain a bit. So far it seems to work as I still continue to play with  the software and come up with some  new designs when creativity strikes and time permits.

RAW52/17 various

RAW #9 to #13 design was done by lofting ellipses and then flowed over a ring tube surface of different width to make the various ring width from 3 to 15 mm.

RAW52, raw-09 to raw-13
Here the screen shot from Rhino.

Rings were 3D printed by Ponoko in white plastic.

I attached casting wax sprues (gates) to the insides of the rings to maintain the printing texture on the outside face and cast it in Sterling silver. The inside of the rings was sanded after that and polished, the outside was just lightly polished and tumbled.

RAW52/17 row

Silver rings in various widths.

RAW52/17 stack

Love the layered texture from 3D printing process.

RAW52/17 medium stack

The middle ring was oxidized  with LOS.

RAW52/17 zebra
Rings can be worn stacked together.

I think the narrower rings have some potential but the design needs to be cleaned up a bit. The very wide ring is a bit too wide to be comfortable.

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