Crazy Challenges are Good

I signed up for a new challenge! Not that I am not challenged enough, but sometimes I just crave a bit more of it. Especially the the type of "there-is-no-way-I-can-do-this" challenge is intriguing. Life would be boring without those. That is why I signed up for the T-Spline Design Contest.

Submissions to contest in categories Architecture, Transit, Jewelry, Consumer Products and Miscellaneous are due on August, 9th. Gosh, that is in only 4 weeks!!!!! But deadlines are good too for me. But I am still a total beginner at this and have no clue at all how to even use it correctly. And I have to come up with a world changing design on top of it. Ok, it does not need to change the world but just make it a better place. I guess I am just competing for the last place in the jewelry category. Participation is everything, right?
I better get my thinking hat on this weekend and really get a hang of the software.  Will watch T-Spline tutorials for hours.:) And I have to also learn V-Ray to be able to render my "better world" design. Double or triple challenge! Yeah!

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